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This is a 100% handcrafted piece

Pichwai handpainted with the Radhe and Kanhiya on aanchal and kamal (lotus) as motifs on border and bootis all over.

Expression on the face and detailing on jewellery...make this piece 'a work of art'. The passion in his eyes and shyness in hers...

Fabric: Muga x Tussar silk (SILKMARK)

Color: Pink and Blue with multicolored painting

Size: 6.5mts with blouse piece in running 

You can also mix n match this saree with any of our designer (ready to wear) blouses

Suggested combo with Pen Kalamakri blouse.

Pls whatsApp @ +919550289380 for any further clarifications.


Pichhwai are devotional pictures found on cloth or paper which portray Lord Krishna. They originated in the Deccan, India, and the villages of Aurangabad and Nathdwara in Rajasthan state. The purpose of Pichwais, other than artistic appeal, is to narrate tales of Krishna to the illiterate.

The word Pichhwai stands for hanging at the back (Sanskrit word "Pichh" means back and "wais" means hanging). Pichhwai paintings are big sized paintings done on cotton cloth using natural colours and are hung behind the idol of Lord Shrinath Ji to depict his leelas.


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