Artisan Story

Rashmi Jha handpaints 5-6 pieces a month and takes care of education of her daughter through this skill.



Hazrat Banu makes warli hand embroidery kantha sarees for us...Each saree takes about 3-4months to complete. Not just due to intricacy of artform, but also, due to her time constraint and juggling responsibilities.


SANTOSH is son of weavers Mom and Dad who weave magic...Amma spins thread and Appa weaves saris.Santosh is in Grade IX and speaks fluent English...has very good presence of mind and is very confident. He is also sure that he wants to be a doctor and not a weaver 😐.


 Sameena Khatoon weaves magic with her hands...Chikankari is her forte and she got married at a very young age. Buy kurti pieces made by her from our 'Chikankari Ada' section.

Food for thought...wear and encourage handloom and handmade...we are still not doing enough to save the 'artforms'...situation is better but not good enough.