About us

Vivarang is an effort to promote and rejuvenate various dying artforms from India, giving it a contemporary touch.

Our artisans and weavers in Bengal, Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan...create magic with their hands.
Kantha, Madhubani, Kutchwork, Shibori, Pattachitra, Ikat, Warli, Nakshi kantha, Pichwai, Chikankari, Ajrakh, Handblocks, Bhujodi, Batik, and Kalamkari are some of the skills we support and sell.
An 11 years old online store, based out of Hyderabad...Vivarang is passion and brainchild of Ms. Tarang Indrayan Vaish, who loves everything handmade and is dedicated to the cause of authentic handmade.
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Our Founder - Director was recently facilitated by FICCI Flo Startup Conclave at Delhi.

In India's land of ancient craft, Where threads and colors blend and match, There's Vivarang, a platform bright, That brings to you a rainbow light.

Handwoven fabrics, made with care, By artisans who proudly share Their skill and artistry, unique, Their heritage, so rich and sleek.

Jewelry, clothing, gifts galore, With patterns, hues that will adore Your senses, with each piece of art, A blend of tradition and modern heart.

Vivarang's mission, fair and true, Is to uplift artisans anew, To honor their craft, and pave the way, For a brighter, more sustainable day.

So come, explore this vibrant place, And find treasures that leave a trace, Of beauty, culture, and harmony, In each Vivarang's masterpiece.


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Call/WhatsApp  :  +919550289380
Email                :  info@vivarang.com                                                                                                                          vivarangindia@gmail.com