Collection: Sarees - Essence of India

An ensemble with artforms from 4 corners of India
South - Pen Kalamkari
East - Madhubani handpainting
West - Kutch hand embroidery
North - Pichwai handpainting
SEWN together
We are calling this masterpiece - Essence of India
Each piece has literally travelled around India to get the final look.
It has been a hard journey in these Pandemic days. During the past year, some artisans, who had lost their jobs, approached us for work. To help them, and to consolidate Vivarangs' 10 years of operations - we conceptualized a project, to bring them all together.
A saree that touches your heart and supports the very being of our country. Each saree took more than 6 months to complete as it started its journey from Bhaglapur as a plain tussar silk cloth to Patna for Madhubani painting to Rajasthan for Pichwai painting and Gujarat for Kutch borders. Finally, the Kalamkari from Andhra was added to it in our studio. And voila a one of its kind - designer saree is ready to ship.
This 'Essence of India' is dedicated to all those artisans who create beauty with looms, colors, brushes, nibs, pens and threads. Thus, bringing to life diverse artforms, through their skill.

PS: This concept is copyrighted under Copy Right Act.

One of these amazing creations was adorned by Ms. Madhavi Reddy @